The Art of Hearing Aid Care: Management and Maintenance of Hearing Devices

Training for Hearing Aid Management

Think for a moment about a conversation you had with a friend, family member, or co-worker. What if you could not hear or understand that conversation? If this continued to happen day after day, would you lose interest in trying to have those conversations? Would you become isolated, frustrated, or bitter? All of these things are happening nationwide in our care communities due to lack of hearing care.

Research and years of industry experience has shown that 85% of individuals using hearing aids in Long Term Care communities need daily support for their hearing devices. However, only 10% of care partners possess the skills and confidence to provide that assistance.

Our program teaches care partners the skills they need to provide hearing aid care and management. These essential skills help mitigate lost, broken, or incorrectly used hearing aids. Your facility saves money, enriches the lives of your hearing-impaired residents and clients, while also empowering care partners to provide needed assistance.

Join us as we change the way we provide hearing support in long term care, assisted living, memory support, home health, and hospice communities. Let’s change the lives of your residents by bringing them back into the conversation.

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